Monday, June 6, 2011

Great Expectations, Greater City

And so, I begin my final blog until departure.

It's more than a cumulative review of the orientation: it's a reminder that I am almost there. I'm almost finished with the preliminary portion of the Ivy League Connection. I've been through essays, interviews, tutorials, dinners, school board meetings, and hard times in general. Finishing the orientation is almost like reaching the final stage of a sort-of surreal game.

And, that's pretty cool.

The orientation actually surprised me in that there were more questions to be asked and more answers to be given. And, in realizing that, I can appreciate just how much work, time, and effort goes into this trip--not just for me, but for my cohorts and the rest of the ILC as well. Consideration is universal and across the board for this trip. From airfare, to the itinerary, to the curriculum, to subways, to dorm-room living, to weekend RA trips, to spending money, to opportunity as a whole, we are a far greater investment than I, and I would venture to say others, have honestly and earnestly realized. And, I acknowledge that now. I am gracious for such.

It really is outstanding.

Further, it was pretty inspiring to see the sea of faces in the El Cerrito High School Library. There are a lot, a rife amount, of students (and parents) participating in this program, and soon these same students will be scattered throughout the East Coast. It's not that I never appreciated such an organization and such an opportunity, it's that the scope was not in perspective for me. But, I'm catching on.
What was most exciting to hear more about was the ILC Press, to be introduced this coming Fall. It was, however, spoiled slightly for me, as I had overheard an exchange about it before. But, it was certainly exciting to expand my knowledge on the idea. And, I'm fully supportive of it. Just by reading these blogs I've seen some astounding writing--lines that make you read twice. And, I feel as though the ILC naturally attracts great writers. I mean, the very first task to attain a position in the program is the essay, which says something powerful in and of itself.

Anyway, the ILC Press will be a great addition to the ILC as a whole, and, as stated at the orientation, I do not believe there is another program, organization, or opportunity for teenagers to pursue professional writing and explore careers related to such in high school. And so, I myself, as others I hope, would jump at the chance to get involved in such a program. The possibilities are quite broad, and the potential is huge. I wish it the best, and I've already began spreading the word of such.

It's oh so exciting.

As the day of departure draws near, however, the expectations looming over our shoulders grow heavier. To that same end, however, I feel myself growing stronger, able to support that additional weight, per se. What is expected of me is great; it is immense. But, what I expect of the city is greater. And, I've only got 16 days left to prove that.