Monday, June 20, 2011

Beyond Excitement

I am beyond excited for our upcoming journey to New York City.

As of right now, all that I know about New York City comes from what I have seen on television and read on the Internet. From the most recent Glee episode, to the NYC Go! website, I have, in my head, an idea of what to expect when we reach the most populous city in the US. But I could be (and probably am) completely wrong. I will not know for sure how tall the Statue of Liberty looks from the ground, or the natural beauty of the Hudson River Valley, or the hustle and bustle of New York City in general, until I see it for myself.

I have created a preliminary list of the activities, events and performances I want to see in NYC but there will be so much to do when we get there, I’m not sure there will be enough time to do everything. Some of the highlights include watching a Broadway show (not sure which one), attending a recording of the Today show, taking a tour of the NBC studios and visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Of course, I am also excited for the Harry Potter premiere and if possible, I would love to tour the New York Times building. The Columbia University Summer Program website lists a campus wide scavenger hunt as a campus activity – something I am definitely looking forward to. I am also excited to see what activities our Residential Advisors have planned for us.

As I pack, I will be sure to leave some empty room in my carry on to accommodate the souvenirs I plan to buy. I am ecstatic!

The Final Countdown

Guggenheim Museum
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Finally, the time has come to leave the comforts of the Bay Area and fly east to New York City!

As I prepare to leave, the reality that I will be away from home for three weeks is beginning to sink in. While I will miss home and all of it's comforts, the only thoughts that seem to pass through my mind are those which relate to touring the Big Apple, going to class at Columbia, and visiting colleges such as Bard, Vassar, and UPENN. In New York I want to visit the Guggenheim Museum, Ground Zero, have a 360 degree view of New York from the observatory atop the Empire State Building, and visit Harry Potter: The Exhibit at Times Square. Like Milani, I also want to witness the hot dog eating contest at Coney Island. I am excited to experience the different pace of the Big Apple, taking the subway, live in a dorm at Columbia.

While I'm sure that New York City will be very different from Hercules, I am looking forward to interacting with top students from the corners of the world, unique perspectives, and learning about the different backgrounds that my peers come from. In class with Irene, I cannot wait to be part of the discussions and learn about how the Constitution is interpreted.

I can't wait to land at JFK International and begin an amazing three weeks!