Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brown and Brunch

Hi, my name is Beilul Naizghi and I was a student in the ILC Presidential Powers class at Columbia University last summer. A few months ago I was accepted as an early decision applicant to Brown University. Fast forward about 5 months and here I am sharing my experience at the ILC's Brown mentorship brunch - their final event of the year.

We met with everyone at the El Cerrito Plaza BART station and from there Adrianne, Mariko, Kathleen, Erinn and I rode with Don to the Olympic Club, a prestigious county club in San Francisco.

The event was absolutely amazing. I had the opportunity to talk to some amazing alums and I loved hearing stories of their time at Brown. We talked about the open curriculum, JFK Jr., adjusting to college and so much more. Listening to Brown alums talk about their experiences always reinforces in my mind the satisfaction that I made the right decision!

Besides learning about the Brown mentorship program and Brown alums, I also got to see my chaperone from my ILC trip to Cornell, Ms. Kaplan, which was absolutely wonderful!

Following our meal, Mr. Ramsey's brother Ismail, gave us a tour of the Olympic Club (where the U.S. Open will be held!).

The event was fabulous and made me even more excited to be a student at Brown. I want to thank the ILC for including me in this event. I have been involved with the ILC since my sophomore year and it has truly been one of the most rewarding programs I have ever been involved with. I cannot thank Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg, Don, Ismail Ramsey and everyone else for this lovely event.