Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Step at a Time

I have to be at the high school in less than twelve hours. I am nervous.

I am not questioning that this is a phenomenal opportunity for me to develop as a young adult and explore experience of living on a college campus first hand. It is. I am questioning whether anything I have done up until now has prepared me for what I am about to go through.

The stringent Ivy League Connection selection process consisted of an essay and an interview. The essay came easily enough. I had already taken a World War II course as well as AP European, AP World, and AP United States history, so writing an essay on President Truman was a mere review exercise. After the essay was the interview. I was nervous. Ultimately, I settled down and was able to give satisfactory answers to questions designed to gauge my ability to succeed in the Ivy League Connection program. I was thrilled. I knew I was ready for this experience.

Now I don’t.

Up until now I have written one essay and answered 10 questions about history and issues that affect my community.

I have not practiced living on the opposite side of the country, away from my family and friends for three weeks. I have never balanced writing a 25-page essay with touring the endless attractions and landmarks of the commercial capital of the world.

To this point, my participation in the program has been deemed, unsatisfactory. I don’t respond to emails promptly. I don’t send in the right forms when I am supposed to. I don’t draft acceptable invitations inviting clients to dinner. What if I am not responsible enough for this trip?

All I can do is take this one chance and make the most of it, one step at a time:

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Publish this blog.

3. Start Packing.

4. Get some rest because I’m definitely going to need it.

5. Get to El Cerrito High School by 7:30 A.M.

6. Say bye to my parents, who have supported me throughout this whole experience.

“Wish me luck!”