Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gathering To Thank Our Supporters

On a hot sunny Wednesday, all Ivy Leaguers, parents, and chaperones gathered at LaVonya DeJean Middle School for the school board meeting. The purpose of the meeting was not only for the school board to know who will be sent east, but for us, ILC members to thank the school board for supporting the ILC and to thank the sponsors whose generous donations made this program possible. While we waited for the meeting to begin, I got to mingle with other Ivy Leaguers while the chaperones talked with each other. Prior to entering the multi-purpose room for the meeting, we were briefed on where we were to sit, and how the meeting would work. I was surprised to learn that no one would have to give a speech about why were we are grateful for the school board for providing us with a unique opportunity to spend three weeks taking a rigorous college course while touring New York City.

Once we were all seated, the school board meeting commenced, led by Mr. Ramsey. Following a short assessment of what has been going on at el Cerrito High School, each chaperone was called up to the podium. One by one, the chaperone called up each member of his or her cohort and announced what school he or she came from. After the cohorts from Drown, Columbia, Yale, and Cornell were introduced, ILC alumni Guadaloupe Morales, Irene Rojas-Carroll, Beulah Agbabiaka, Austin Long, and Yueming Wang came to the podium and talked about how the Ivy League Connection has opened so many doors for them and how it couldn’t have been possible had it not been for the board’s support, and the sponsors generous donations.

At the end, the people who fund the Ivy League Connection, the sponsors, were recognized and given a certificate of appreciation. As the sponsors were called up one by one, I was surprised to see two on the panelists for my interview come forward. I had no clue that our sponsors also were asked to serve on the interview panel. However, as I thought about it I realized that by having the sponsors serve on the panel, the sponsors can see who they making generous donations to.

Finally, all Ivy Leaguers gathered on the side of the room to take a group photo with all the cohorts, chaperones, and parents. When the pictures were done, I talked to a few parents, Don, and Mrs. Lilhanand before leaving. I am truly looking forward to spending three weeks in as Mrs. Lilhanand put it, “the great city of New York!”

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