Thursday, May 26, 2011

The ILC and the Hercules City Council

The presentation to the City Council is, in my opinion, one of the most daunting milestones one must pass as a member of the Ivy League Connection. And though I was a bundle of nerves, I thought the presentation went very well. 

The ILC students eloquently explained what the ILC means to them and what they are looking forward to. 

We were preceded by Mr. Ramsey and HHS Assistant Principal Mrs. Ishmael who introduced the program and the Hercules students. 

It was also great to hear Yueming describe her journey with the ILC and how it ultimately led her to Cornell. 

The City Council members were very gracious and congratulated each of us ILC students. 

The group photo was the final event of the evening and I look forward to seeing it posted in the Hercules Middle/High School office near those from previous years.

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  1. Beilul,

    I'll make sure that Ms. IShmael has the group photo so you won't be disappointed. She takes pretty good care of you all so I'm confident you'll see it soon.

    As expected, you did a great job. I'm sure your parents-who were sitting in the audience--were beaming with pride.