Friday, June 24, 2011

College Chaos

It's anarchy, I tell you! The shear amount of college and university info to be necessarily absorbed today was daunting. I'm mentally beat.

At least Amtrak worked its usual magic today. Rather than trips riddled with delays and suspensions, we enjoyed routes of prompt arrivals and punctual departures. That's one of the most solid contributing factors to our educational exploration today.

We visited Bard college first. I liked the actual speakers and tour guides better than the portrayal of the college, which is not the most accurate depiction of a top-choice school. But, to be fair, I wasn't very into it from the beginning.

Don't get me wrong, I gave it a chance. I give just about everything a chance. But, for a man who is looking for an integrated, urban society of immediate surrounding to the college or university, Bard did not satisfy. It's isolated, and while I see the absolute benefits of the smaller, liberal arts college, I do not see myself as the best, nor most preferable fit. It was interesting, though. And, I will say that any college tour or information session aids the mind in the pondering of such higher education, and the pursuit thereof by the student. I wouldn't dare call it a waste of time by any means.

Next up, we explored Vassar College. And, it was definitely winning me over by the end of the information session. The tour empowered such potent rhetoric. There was only one problem: it didn't fit my personal mold. Again, the one aspect I hold most dearly is the urban factor. Vassar College cannot satisfy that to my preference. But, it really is a spectacular school, and I would commend any and all who attend or consider attending. It's not a bad choice. Contrarily, it's an outstanding one.

Lastly, though not in attendance to an actual information session and tour, we had the opportunity to meet with current Columbia students, Matt Chao and Andrea Hazday, as well as an M.I.A. Vassar student for dinner at the China Grill. Columbia fits my mold exactly. It has for about three years now. It's my top choice, and I plan on applying early decision at that, so I was passionate over discussion with these rising Sophomores at the university. From transportation, to dorming, to academics, to applications, to the in-betweens, in-and-outs, and all-arounds, I barraged these students with inquiry after inquiry. It was incredibly worth it. I learned a little about a lot, and from there I can expand. We will be getting our own information session and tour along the road sometime, which I look forward to.

A very productive day was produced. And, though exhausted, injured, and weary, I appreciated every second of our trip today. It was informative and fun, and it is extremely rare in which you find such a genuine pair of adjectives that give the best of the need and want worlds.

Tomorrow, we will travel to Connecticut, and we will be visiting Yale University. I'm more excited than I thought I would be. And, a day after tomorrow--Columbia Orientation.

It's like we are almost to the beginning, and that's amazing having been here 2 and 1/2 days already.

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  1. Great blog, Will.

    There's no reason why you have to fall in love with every school. There's more to a school than just what goes on in the classroom.

    Urban/rural is a very legitimate issue, just as climate, politics and even social surroundings.

    On the other hand, the selection of a college has to be more than just what was described earlier. There has to be a balance between all of the factors.

    And we can't ignore money, either. At the end of the day the piper has to be paid so unless the tally sheet balances then you may have to go to Plan B.

    You have the right attitude, though. Come into each school with an open mind and base your decisions on empirical data balanced with your own gut feeling.