Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Have Arrived

The Ivy League Connection’s Columbia group has arrived in New York City.

Our journey began at ECHS at 7:30 AM, as all the students and parents waited for the shuttle to take us to SFO. When we arrived at the airport, we ordered breakfast and lunch to-go. We had some time to relax and eat in the waiting area because our plane was delayed for about half an hour.

Will, Milani and Masao waiting to board the plane.

The plane ride was long but enjoyable because of the company of my Columbia cohort and the personal televisions. We were divided by the isle in groups of 3 designated by gender, with Mrs. Lilhanad sitting right behind me.

Milani and Irene on the plane.

Our flight was lengthened by the bad weather conditions in New York, as our pilot was told to stall a landing until the weather cleared up. But we arrived safe and sound at 8:30, only an hour late.

Our shuttle driver unloading the luggages.

Once we landed in JFK, we grabbed our luggages and got into the shuttle for the 45 minute ride to the hotel. I must say, I haven’t seen much of New York yet, but I did not realize how large the city is.

Our room at the Empire Hotel.

The Empire Hotel is absolutely beautiful. We have a total of 5 rooms amongst us and Milani and I will be sharing a room for the 4 nights we are here. Immediately after we got our luggages in our rooms, Mrs. Lilhanand took us to a restaurant around the corner for dinner. We came back to the hotel and Mrs. Lilhanand went over the schedule for tomorrow when we visit Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania.

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