Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boat Cruise!

Apparently I took 800 photos today.


That's rather a lot.

Those photographs combined with earlier photos from the past few days were enough to fill up my giant memory card; I think I may have the file sizes a little high, but I prefer the quality the bigger files give me with my camera.

Today was, as you could probably guess by the number of photographs, rather exciting. Instead of heading to a light breakfast at 9 with an hour to spare until class, at 8:15 AM our Constitutional Law class met and headed out to the District courthouse in New York. There, we sat in on a criminal trial (a RICO case I believe) and met with the judge during the breaks; our class asked him a lot of questions, ranging from what he found hardest about the job to how he moved from being a lawyer to becoming a federal judge. Watching the actual court proceedings (which are not as dramatic as Law & Order would have you believe) was really informative, sort of like a backstage pass to our system of justice.

After the trial broke for lunch, the class headed back to Columbia University, where we were dismissed early at around 2:30, with reminders to choose our paper topics (which are due tomorrow) and information about how they would get us our homework for the night, through good old email.

Then came time for us ILCers to hop on the Subway to meet Ms. Kronenberg and Mrs. L at Times Square, our rendezvous point for the boat tour of the city we had decided to take. My, the photos I got during that cruise! Don't worry, I won't be putting anywhere near the 800 of today's possible photograph choices up, but here's a taste.

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