Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today's AM class was pretty much our last real seminar class. Tomorrow we have a guest speaker and on Friday we plan to discuss a little of what we didn't cover but mostly share something about our papers. I have to say that at 10 AM with almost 6 hours of sleep every night because of homework, the one thing that keeps me going is my professor's humor. Today we talked about the debt that the US is facing and what this all means for today and the future. We got onto the subject of how the Minnesota state government has been shut down, but my professor kept things interesting by saying "I know that one thing that's on your mind. Don't worry people... The animals in the zoo are still being fed!" Now, if my professor wouldn't have said that, I probably would have just listened without really absorbing much information. Learning about the debt ceiling and how social security is not to be given out in August wasn't really up my alley and it was a lot to learn in a matter of 2 hours. But, I find my professor's humor to be one more thing to keep me intrigued in the class.

I have hit writer's block, big time. I am at 16 pages and have tonight and tomorrow to finish my paper and add four more pages. My professor told me today that if I've exhausted ever possible topic and done the best I could, 20 pages might not be for me. I know that there is a lot more I could say about my topic, but I'm just not sure what to expand on.

I took a break from my paper in order to be able to focus more when I returned to it. I went with Eric and Beilul to the Guggenheim museum. One of the perks of being a Columbia student is getting into museums for free! I don't think I'm the art kind of person. When I see "art" I don't think of it as art. It's confusing to look at a rock and see art. Just not my thing.

We had dinner then continued on to SoHo to do a little tourist shopping. Being able to go anywhere makes me realize that if I attend Columbia this could be a pretty permanent thing. I could walk around the city in my spare time or even just explore new things and take in new experiences.

I can't believe the end is almost near. I love NYC and I love Columbia. There is a time though to say goodbye. It only makes you that much more determined to go back.

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  1. Milani,

    You're my kind of gal, Milani. This whole thing about "art" is pretty subjective and I think that you and I would look at some "art" and have the same thoughts" "What the...???"

    Before you return home, Milani, I hope you find a cure for that writer's block. It can be contagious and we don't want it to infect the rest of us.