Sunday, July 3, 2011

"The UN was not created to take humanity to heaven but to save it from hell."

What can I say about today. Simply amazing.

My morning started off by the loud noise of thunder outside of my window. There were thunderstorms all morning. They were so loud I thought they wereinside of my room. I was unable to go back to sleep so I was eager to start my day.

The main attraction of today was visiting the United Nations headquarters. Like my mother told me, "This is where nations come together to work together to create a better world." That's exactly what they're doing. We headed out with a group headed by RAs and fortunately one of the RAs was our TA from our class. When we got there we had to go through security almost like the airport and once we got in we had to wait two hours for and audio tour.

The tour was a lot better than I had expected. It showed the missions ofthe UN, like eliminating nuclear power throughout the world. The UN does a lot to try to help under privileged areas of the world like working with UNICEF to supply mosquito nets, water, and tents. They also are working to create better living conditions and education for children. Diseases infest the less fortunate areas of the world and it is amazing to see how much the UN is dedicated to this cause.

"Seats for every nation"

When I looked out on the conference floor, I was stunned. There are so many seats for every nation that is represented in the UN to have a voice. They are all working together to make a better world... for us. The are dedicating their careers to work together to stop war and promote peace, to helping children receive and education and women's rights.

After we got back we had dinner at Havana Central, a cuban restaurant. Beilul, Will, Eric, our new group member Kirby, and I enjoyed listening to latin music while eating some interesting food. It wasn't what I expected but at least we all got to go out and do something together. I'm glad I was accepted to this program and was offered the opportunity because of all of the experiences and new people I have met. They each teach me something new.

I felt like my experience at the UN can apply to the class I'm taking. Even thought it's about American Presidential Powers, in a broader sense it is about what it takes to be a leader, which is what the UN is comprised of. It made ma have a lot more respect for politicians and world leaders who work together and sacrifice so much time for all of us. It also kind of opened my eyes to... do I really want to be an engineer, or could I do something so much bigger? Anyway, it was still mind boggling.

Tomorrow we are heading to Coney Island to see the hot dog eating contest and then back to Columbia to go see fireworks with our suite. For now, I will focus on doing my homework. I can't let this weekend get in between my studies! After all, ifit wasn't for my studies I wouldn't be here in the first place. I realized I am glad that I'm hard working and took the risk to be involved in this program. If i hadn't I wouldn't have been able to see the world outside of my comfort zone.

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