Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello, Columbia

Today was a very busy day – not that our others have not been.

We began with a wonderful buffet brunch with Yale Northern California Admissions Officer Alex Richardson. He was incredibly personable and open about the admissions process, Yale and his college experience. He gave us a lot of information about what an application reader looks for in an applicant and some of the red flags they keep an eye on.

Following our brunch, we completed an important milestone on our trip: moving into the dormitories. I have to say I am a fan of Columbia’s dorm system – though not necessarily the dorms themselves. I am in a suite with about 12 other girls (including Milani) and two Residential Advisors. All of us have our own rooms and there are 3 bathrooms and showers, a kitchen and television for general usage. I find suite style living to be much more intimate and close than regular dorms because the number of people is considerably smaller. The girls are from Italy, Spain, Indonesia, India, Singapore and Rochester, Los Angeles and New Jersey.

After getting settled Mrs. Lilhanand took us to the campus bookstore to buy any necessary school supplies and our very own Columbia sweatshirt. Then, we each had our own suite/dorm meeting with our RAs clarifying the rules of the program. After this, everyone went to the barbacue for dinner.

After giving us a few hours on our own, my RAs decided that the entire suite should go to Pinkberry, a fantastic frozen yogurt shop. We are finally here and I am definitely looking forward to orientation and class tomorrow.

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