Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moving Day

Our final meeting was today with the admissions officer from Yale, Alexander Richardson. We had brunch together and he told us about the whole application process and what Yale is looking for. Yale wants students who will one day become world leaders. They need to be intelligent and also be dedicated and passionate about what they do. He was very friendly and made jokes that we didn't think were funny, mostly because they were about getting 2400 on the SAT in order to get in. After talking with him, I felt like Yale could be a good match for me. However after meeting with him I know that it will be a very competitive process. I'll try not to get my hopes up.

We finally checked into our dorms! Surprisingly, Beilul and I are in the same suite. To be honest, I'm glad she is because its hard to go from a family of 5 who you're always around to a single room, alone, no noise, no distractions. Whenever I get lonely we can hang out. As I unpacked my things, I got the first feelings of homesickness. I'm slowly adjusting to my surroundings.

Our RAs are so much fun! They have tons of things planned for us and are like our sisters/mothers away from home. We met everyone in our suite. So far, there is one girl from Spain, one from Italy, one from India, one from Singapore. The other girls are from the states. It is intriguing to hear their stories about what life is like in their home country and what their school is like. So far, they all seem like great people. We just need to get used to each other.

There are 15 girls including out two RAs in the suit. There are also on 3 bathrooms. We decided we would not set up a schedule, but instead survival of the fittest on getting the shower. I'm very nervous to see how this goes.

They had a BBQ for dinner tonight. There must have been more that 500 kids in the auditorium I think. There were too many of us to hold in one session so there was another group of people going to eat after we left.

It's only the first day and I already know that this will be an experience I will always remember. Not only will it put me into the reality that is soon to come, it is prepping me for the real world, meeting new people, experiencing new things. Tonight we will go as a group to Pinkberry, a local yogurt and ice cream shop. Tomorrow we find out what this whole course is really about.

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