Monday, June 27, 2011


Today was a wonderful day.
Our classroom Views of Columbia

The Presidential Powers professor, Dr. Z, gave us a wonderful introduction of the course expectations and an overview of our syllabus. We will be spending our seminar time discussing selected presidents including Lincoln and Obama, and the library time researching and writing our paper. Our Teaching Assistant, Pavel, is studying for a PhD in Public Administration. The Presidential Powers course only has 12 people and the majority of the other students in the course are from New York. The gender imbalance is also noteworthy with 3 girls and 9 boys.
The dining hall

The Mid-Day Carnival

After our meeting with Mrs. Lilhanand, she took the Presidential Powers students to purchase our required reading. The rest of the evening consisted of dinner, relaxing and a trip to the local Duane Reade, a NYC convenience store.

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