Monday, June 27, 2011

Class with Doc Z

Today was our first day of class with Doc Z, or as she is known to the public, Dr. Martha K. Zebrowski. She dictated a thorough overview of the class and we sat on the edge of our seats and devoured every last word of it. I’ll admit it, I was a little bit nervous, so I can’t imagine what the students who weren’t fortunate to have pass students of this class tell them what to expect were feeling.

Doc Z announced that the goal of this class was for all of us to construct a 20-page college level research paper; you could see dread in the eyes of the other students eyes. For the Columbia team, we all breathed a sigh of relief as we were expecting 25. This was not the only advantage us Ivy League Connection members had over other students in our Presidential Powers course. Just knowing 1/3 of the class already made the class feel manageable and we are able to communicate with each other whenever confusion regarding an assignment or meeting point arises.

After lunch we met back up in the imposing Butler Library where librarian John Tofanelli gave us an in-depth tour of the cataloging systems we will be using to acquire texts and electronic resources to cite in our paper.

We also picked our topics. Mine is Woodrow Wilson’s Quest to Secure a League of Nations.

After we were released, Mrs. L, and the rest of the cohort met briefly to discuss how far we have come and what we should focus on moving forward. We had a productive discussion that was beneficial to us as students going through a very new experience. Likewise, Mrs. L is now able to take suggestions back to help improve the program.

Now I must just buckle down and prepare for what I will expect will be the most rigorous but rewarding class of my young life.

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