Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goodbye, New York

Today, I said goodbye to the 3 weeks I spent studying at Columbia University. Goodbye to my RAs Meghan and Ashley. Goodbye to my dorm room. Even goodbye to the Subway system.

After checking out of our dorms and storing our luggage at the Empire Hotel, we went to the Rockefeller center. The view from the Top of the Rock was incredible, as are most of the sights I have seen of New York.

Here are some highlights:

We then ate lunch at a fabulous boathouse restaurant in Central Park.

Our flight back to California felt really long to me. That may have been partly because we were in the air (and the ground of the Oakland airport) for an hour longer than we were supposed to be, but also because I felt the distance between myself and New York growing as we got closer to California.

I am forever grateful to the generous Ivy League Connection sponsors who made this trip a possibility. I simply cannot describe how incredible this experience has been.

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