Friday, July 1, 2011

I think I'll have the #2, with a side of New York.


It's interesting how the end of something is the beginning of another. Case-in-point, my Presidential Powers extended outline.

Eight pages and an annotated bibliography ago I was contemplating the route I would take to finish such an expansive task. Now, completed such, I am relieved to have finished, yet simultaneously aware of the next draft of my research paper. By next Friday, I'll have completed a more fleshed-out paper, with my choice of footnotes or endnotes, and at least five additional resources. I am not too enthralled to pile on more rigor into my schedule, but the reward will be intense. I'm going to glorify this research paper by the time I finish.

I made a last minute call to join Eric and Beilul tonight for a sketch comedy showing. The group performing is known as the Harvard Sailing Team.

I'm a pretty inclusive, yet harsh critic when it comes to just about anything. But, it is New York. And, it is a Friday. And, it is a late-night performance. So, I am expecting a pretty spectacular comedy performance. I'll be quite disappointed if it turns out to be devoid of humor. In fact, I'll be depressed.

On that note, I seem to have mapped out a decently organized calender of trips that I plan to partake in. Tomorrow, after today's comedy trip, I plan to go to Summerfest, which I have immense expectations for. It's like the Solano Stroll, the equivalent of a block-party that goes on for about 15 blocks, and it's held on one of the largest avenues of New York--Avenue of the Americas.

I'm definitely excited for the food that they will offer, and the stands that will be posted, and the crafts, art, and other miscellaneous objects that I will find and probably purchase. Street performers, large crowds, souvenirs--the works. I hope it doesn't let me down.

After that, I'll be visiting the United Nations building, which I am more so excited due to potential college study, as I am bouncing between natural science and political science, rather than actual interest. Don't misinterpret me, however, of course I'm excited to go! I'll feel like I'm in 193 places at once upon entry. Good stuff.

After that, I plan to see the Blue Man Group. I plan to see Cirque de Soleil. I plan to see the New York Bodies Exhibit. I plan to see Jersey Boys. I plan to see the city at its best, or at least its better-than-good.

I've tasted Columbia University, but to really experience life as not only a college student, but a Columbia student, I'll have to taste the city.

Let's begin with appetizers.

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  1. Will,

    Did I miss something here? Did you enter some sort of time warp where you can freeze time and just flit from place to place?

    You listed 6+ places/events for Saturday. How can you do this?

    However you make it work, take lots of photos.