Friday, July 1, 2011

Names Can Be Deceiving

This is true of the comedy group the Harvard Sailing Team. No members attended Harvard, and no members sail. Regardless of the name, they were hilarious.

After dinner and a few hours to relax, Beilul, Will, and I set off with an R.A. and several students to see the Harvard Sailing Team at the P.I.T. (People's Improv Theater).

Columbia's Law Memorial Library at sunset

Butler Library
Glad to have the ticket mishap behind me, I was looking forward to watching the same group that made a critic rave, "Saturday Night Live wishes it was as funny as the Harvard Sailing Team!" The critic wasn't far from the truth. What intrigued me about the performance was that when I read we would be going to the People's Improv Theater, I assumed the Harvard Sailing Team was a bunch of friends who just stood on stage and delivered jokes. I was far from the truth. There wasn't a moment where the cast just stood in place. As much as their jokes were good, it was the acting that sold the performance. For example, in a sketch about a girl who tricks her friend into believing a cat claims that everything the cat used from the litter box to toys were missing. Instead of just searching for her cat, the girl starts throwing a tantrum and 100% sure that her friend took her cat, and all of the cat's belongings. After screaming and crying, the girl just calmly sits down on the couch and says I don't have a cat. That skit would have been alright, had they just went through the motions, but the passionate screaming, accusations, and crying made the skit downright hilarious.

With a holiday weekend ahead of me, I'm looking forward to taking a break to explore the city which I hope is just as amazing as the Harvard Sailing Team.

The P.I.T.

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  1. Eric,

    I'm not sure I'd tell that ticket story in public. It makes some of us question things about you.

    Glad you liked the show, though. It's good to get away from the hub-bub of the classroom and libraries.