Monday, July 11, 2011

Somewhat Productive

Today was as the title implies: somewhat productive.

I woke up feeling like it was regular school year again, hating myself for having to get up so early. Then I realized that it was 8:30 AM and I shouldn't be complaining. It was late compared to other days.

Class is pretty much a routine now. We sit down, talk about the assignment we were given, share our feelings, and get another assignment. The reading is really hard to keep up with, not just because the actual reading is hard but because of how much there is to actually read. Over the weekend we were assigned a 400 page book to read about the Nixon presidency to the Clinton presidency. Honestly, I tried my hardest to finish the book but I couldn't. I got as far as I could in those couple days. It really took a toll in my participation today, but I did try my hardest and inputted when I could. I wish they would prepare you in high school for this kind of reading, because it's no joke.

I received the same score on my draft we turned in on Friday as my outline which is a good score. I only really have to expand my ideas and support them with all of the research I have done. I've learned that your research is never completely done. There's always more you can find on the topic you're doing. It's true that nothing is ever perfect, along with my paper, but I'm convinced that with the time I was/am given, I can turn this into a pretty good paper.

Today after class we all decided to take a field trip to the famous food vendor the Halal guys! We figured it had to be a New York specialty because the line was huge! There were a lot of other Halal guys but the one we tried to go to were the legit ones. We ended up having to go to another one, same company, because something happened where the food wasn't being put out at the famous one. The food was delicious and only for $7. We could have eaten that for 2 days!

I have no idea what tomorrow has in store for me. All I know is that this week is crunch time. We have to finalize ad perfect our papers and enjoy every last bit of NYC that we can. Let's see what these last couple of days have in store for me!

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