Monday, July 11, 2011

Sleepy Irene...

Today was rather… disproportional.

Similar to yesterday, I’d sequestered myself in my dorm room from a very early hour, typing away at my laptop to finish my paper. I’d scrapped an entire draft late last night, unhappy with the structure and tone. It was too similar to my AP Lit essays: all fluff and flowing prose and no density, or at least not enough. Not good.

So my day was spent almost entirely working on the paper. A little while after twelve o’clock rolled around my suitemate’s knocked on my door and asked me to go out to lunch with them. I politely declined, and they politely refused to accept that, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten yet that day, and politely hustled me out of my room and into a Thai food restaurant a few blocks away. Yum. I love my suitemates. A few of our friends joined us as well: I’m not sure how this worked out, but I know only one person from the 150-person Econ class (and that’s only because she lives with me) but I’ve met almost all of the tiny BioMed class… independently too, meaning BioMeds haven’t introduced me to any other BioMeds. Funny how it works out like that.

Thus followed an afternoon of, surprise surprise, more work. I was almost done when 6 o’clock rolled around, and so I decided I’d earned a break and Billy Elliot was next. I’m so incredibly glad I went! I work in theater and I’m a geek, so I’ve seen my share of plays and more than a meager amount of musicals. Billy Elliot is (or was?) hands-down the best musical I’ve ever seen. The choreography was brilliant, the set was incredibly designed, the depth of the acting, even by the minor parts, was at a level you rarely see in a musical… it was amazing. Just amazing. Throughout the trip I also got closer to a suite-mate I’d almost never talked to before, a girl from New Hampshire, as we found out that we have similar (very liberal!) political views and just generally agree on a lot of things. Apparently New Hampshire is a lot like the Bay Area!

We got home after curfew, but since we were with our RA we had been excused. I changed out of my Broadway wear into more comfy clothing and got back to work, finishing a few hours later at about 3 am and rolling into bed without even bothering to put on pajamas, hence the incredibly late blog-post.

I’ll leave the describing of my Monday for later tonight; I really need to go eat!

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