Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BART, a Cab Ride and La Folie

How could it get any better than this?

Our Columbia Cohorts, some Columbia alums, our sponsors, our ILC staff and even one of our seasoned ILCers who will be heading East to begin her studies as a Columbia Lion.

The food was, of course, superb, the company grande and the evening a resounding success.

We try to seat our students so they're not all bunched up with the other students and can get some exposure to the sponsors and alums.  Last night, though, we had a very recent alum ~ Mitchell Flax ('09) ~ who could provide valuable insight into Columbia that our other alums (Hale Kronenberg '66 and Sally Swanson '71) might not.

From the conversations on the BART train home and reading the blogs written afterwards I'm betting this was a good decision.  Our Columbia cohorts seemed to have garnered insights that may serve them well when they arrive in a few months.

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