Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Glorious Night In The City

On May 9th, the Columbia cohort met at the El Cerrito Plaza Bart Station preparing to embark on a trip to the glorious city by the bay, San Francisco, to dine with alumni and sponsors at La Folie.

On the Bart ride to the city, I enjoyed a conversation with Milani, Beilul, and Will about school, extra curricular activities such as JSA and Forensics, and what we would like to major in. The conversation was nice for me because prior to the dinner, I had never had a conversation with anyone other than Irene and Beilul. I learned that Milani's home away from home is a swimming pool, and Will is the East Bay Regional President for JSA.

When we arrived in San Francisco, we hailed cabs and headed La Foile. I was amazed when I walked into our room at La Foile. The colors, painting style, and the grandeur of the room blew me away because prior to Monday I'd never dined in a fancy restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious. In addition to making my taste buds go crazy in delight, the presentation of the food, such as the salmon lollipop, was beautiful. While the food was amazing, it was the conversation with Mitchell Flax that I enjoyed the most.

I was thrilled when I saw the Mitchell Flax, a Columbia graduate of '09, was sitting next to me. Throughout the dinner our cohort asked questions one after another about Mitchell's college experience, extra curricular, work, and why he choose Columbia. I had always assumed that a student at a institution as fine as Columbia wouldn't have much time for anything other than studying, but I was pleasantly suprised to learn that Mitchell balanced, a double major in Mathematics and Economics, with an A Cappella group, and a job on campus.

Overall, the dinner and conversation has made more excited than ever for my journey in New York City. I cannot wait to embark on an amazing adventure!

In addition, we also discussed the application process for Columbia. Being a member of the alumni association, Mitchell conducted interviews of applicants and gave us hints for the interview such as don't bring a resume and to come with questions to ask.

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