Tuesday, May 10, 2011

La Folie and the Ivy League Connection

Tonight the Ivy League Connection’s Columbia cohort wined (the adults at least) and dined at one of the finest restaurants in San Francisco – La Folie.
The evening was fantastic. The food was not only delicious and unique to anything my taste buds had ever experienced before, but visually entertaining as well. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the setting and the wonderful conversations.
All of the students and their parents were seated together with Mrs. Kronenberg and Mitchell Flax (‘09) at one table while the ILC sponsors, Columbia panelists, ILC administrators and Columbia University admit Beulah Agbabiaka (‘15) sat at another. My mother and I had the wonderful pleasure of being seated next to Mrs. Kronenberg. We enjoyed a great conversation about how many college admissions officers focus on creating a class that is comprised of various backgrounds, talents and opinions as opposed. The emphasis during the admissions process is more about what the student has to offer the school than vice-versa.

Furthermore, it was great to hear about the progress the ILC has made, now in its sixth year and going strong. I enjoyed listening to Mrs. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey speak about the impact they are noticing throughout the various high schools in the WCCUSD. And kudos to Irene for her fabulous speech before the School Board!
However, the show stealer in all respects was recent Columbia University graduate Mitchell. He is currently a high school math teacher in Oakland and a member of Columbia University’s Alumni Association. His insights into the experiences of a Columbia underclassman were incredibly riveting because of his openness to answer all of our questions and the depth of his explanations. He spoke about everything including the benefits of Columbia’s famous core curriculum, the trials and tribulations of being a college student in NYC and his transition from his public high school to an Ivy League institution.
Overall, the event whet my appetite for our amazing trip that is soon to come. Following the presentation to the Hercules City Council in two weeks and the ILC orientation in early June, the last of our milestones will be completed and we will be in NYC before we know it.

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  1. Beilul,

    The way you all rant and rave about Mitchell Flax is making me very envious. He sounds like a great guy and he's very definitely someone we want to get to know better so he can pass on his wealth of knowledge and experience about Columbia.

    While you all were enjoying yourself at the other table, we had something going on, too, that was special. I sat with Beulah Agbabiaka and her mother sitting across from me with Ms. Lilhanand sitting right next to me.

    We talked about everything from mother's helping with the transition to how Beulah can get good looking guys to help carry her heavy boxes into her dorm room.

    I'm surprised that you failed to mention the "thrill" you had by standing in front of the assembled crowd to talk to us about what lies in store for you and your cohorts. You did a great job, Beilul.