Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And On The Thirteenth Day...

It was pretty casual.

It was an easier transition than expected today: I definitely saw myself having a very difficult day. Monday was a packed, and thus longer, day. Sleep was scarce on the night prior. And, we were thrust back into the academic world today. So, I just kind of thought that everything would take a moment to fall right back into place. But, as I said in an earlier post, I guess I'm finding my niche.

I was, however, very thrown off by my outline. Dr. Z. assessed their overall completeness over the weekend, and while I got the makeshift grade I was expecting, I found some major flaws in it after reading both Dr. Z and Pavel's comments and reading the outline myself once more. It turns out I'm coming off a little biased in a paper that is supposed to prove a point from a neutral standpoint. It's really not as major a mistake as it could have been, but it pretty much means I have to re-write all I have written so far. I can live with it, but it's just difficult being pressed for time initially and having to retrace steps.

It's certainly frustrating. But, it's also necessary. It's another something I can learn here, before I am forced to learn it in college. In retrospect, I'm gracious for it all. It'll be easier to appreciate after I catch back up, though.

On another note, I'm getting hints of some sort-of sickness. It's not quite homesickness, which implies a sort-of attachment to my home and area. I could move and be alright. It's a people-sickness. I definitely miss a handful of V.I.P.'s in my life: Barbie, my outstanding girlfriend, Andre, Jaymz, Melvin, and Jorge, some of my most incredible friends, and a few others. And, while I'm not excited to leave New York City, I'm more than excited to see some of my peoples again. It's been a while.

Time away, however, has given me time to reflect on those who do matter most, however. I've kind of realized the difference between those who tend to shape who I am as a person, and those whom I associate with but don't quite provide the everlasting contribution to my character. It's interesting to sort through the sea of people you've come to know and recognize the impact they have left. And, while I realize that I am the sum of my experiences as a whole, there are certainly more ground-breaking incidents than others that come to define me as a person.

That's not to imply that my V.I.P.'s are solely capable of helping me become... me. It would be inaccurate to claim that this incident is anything other than ground-breaking. I've learned more than I thought possible prior thus far, and I can expect even more to come. I'm all for improving myself, and as the days stroll along, I find myself more and more thankful for this program and subsequent experience.

I think I'll end my night with some reading.

And, that's something I would have never willingly said to myself, let alone to others, if it were not for this course, this college, and this cumulative experience.

Good stuff.

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