Monday, July 4, 2011

Hot Dogs and the Hudson

What better way to spend the 4th of July, America’s birthday, than to witness a man gobble 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes and then watch a fireworks show overlooking the beautiful Hudson River?
Our travels with Mrs. Lilhanand began when we met her at the Starbucks near Columbus Circle for breakfast. We then headed out for the long Subway ride to Coney Island to with the goal of witnessing the famous hot dog eating contest.
Coney Island is fantastic. Along with the iconic Nathan’s famous hot dog joint, Coney Island also features a flea market, roller coasters and a beach. It reminds me of the Santa Cruz beach Boardwalk though, being in New York, it was much more crowded than Santa Cruz.
I could not see any of the hot dog competitions because of the crowd, but I am relieved. I do not think I could watch a person eat more than 10 hot dogs without feeling queasy myself.
After resting for a few hours in our dorm, Milani, Eric and I watched the fireworks at Riverside park overlooking the Hudson River. The view and fireworks display were spectacular.

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  1. Beilul,

    Like you, watching someone shove so much into their mouths in such a short period of time seems a little perverse and might cause more upchucking from the crowd.

    I don't know if you saw in the news where the Takeru Kobayashi, the blacklisted former world record holder, topped his old record and beat the Coney Island champ? He did this at the exact same time on a rooftop in NYC.

    He had been blacklisted because he refused to sign an exclusive contract with Major League Eating.

    He put on his show while the "official" competition was being shown on plasma screens at his venue.

    How would have thought that a competition where the competitors gorge themselves would have an official league with sponsorship and advertising?