Monday, July 4, 2011

Big City, Bright Lights

As dusk fell over the Hudson, anticipation arose.

Murmurs in the crowd constructed a roof of expectation and impatience that elevated as far as the fireworks themselves.

Barges barraged the horde of civilians with booming explosions and scattered lights. The collection of people watched as lights soared through the sky, as if shooting stars in space: the blackened sky subject to the illumination of independence.

Today was good. It was also tiring, painful, awesome, dazzling, delicious, heated, uncomfortable, comfortable, cramped, and worthwhile. It was a journey. And, it was the best 4th of July I've ever celebrated. The intl. hot dog eating contest, Coney Island, a cumulative total of 3 1/2 on the subway, no time to rest, a tasty dinner, and bright lights gave my Monday a lot more depth than usual.

I had fun. I feel like I'm really starting to get familiar with the city. I'm pretty keen on the subway system by now, I've memorized the city-scape here and there, and I've toured many of the hottest spots. I've experienced New York at its best, and I've probably experienced it at its worst as well. I've gotten a handle on things, and I can finally begin to feel comfortable outside of Columbia University. Everyday that goes by, I continue to build my expectation that Columbia University will fall from its top-spot on my college list. But, each day that passes yields a completely contrary result. Columbia University and I form a stronger bond, and I grow closer to both the school and the city. I become more attached to both the academics and social opportunity. The East Coast stole my heart. And, I'm not asking for it back.

As the U.S.A. celebrates yet another birthday, I proudly stand as an American. I hope to do great things for my country as time passes, and I will have it no other way.

What can I say? I've got some patriotism in me.

And, it seems as though the lights get brighter and the city becomes bigger as the days progress. I can only imagine what it would be like as Columbia Freshman in the next couple years.

Happy Birthday, U.S.A. You made it another year. And, I've been around once more to witness it all over again.

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