Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

No, that wouldn't do.
How about the hot dog eating contest?
Oh yeah!

Today we got to watch a truly awesome but disgusting event better known as Nathan's hot dog eating contest at Coney Island. Last night I watched a video from last year's contest and I was truly amazed at how the contestants can physically fit over 60 hot dogs into their bodies. In addition, I was also interested in how Joey Chestnut, five time champion, ate the hot dogs.
By the time we arrived at Coney Island, an hour before the first ever women's competition, and the area in front of the stand was already packed. While we weren't so lucky there, we got lucky while waiting for our cohort to use the restroom because all the contestants came out of a bus and high-fived all of us as they walked by.

We're Here!
"They Came. They Ate. They Conquered."
Once we had modeled next to the Nathan's logo, we set up camp in the crowd. However, only Milani and I wanted to stay and be guaranteed a spot to watch the contest, so the rest of the cohort went to buy some famous hot dogs. I must say, the introductions are far more interesting than the actual contest mainly because the announcer is really passionate about his job. He made sure to give each contestant an amazing introduction. Another reason why I found the introductions more interesting is that once the contest began a security officer stepped onto the stage blocking our view. I took 6 minutes of our whole section screaming "Move!" before he finally stepped aside. Moreover, once the males began, he went right back to his spot, blocking our view again. When we did have a window to watch the madness, I really enjoyed how intense the contest was in the beginning when Chestnut and Patrick Bertoletti were neck and neck. After the contests were over and the titles were crowned, we spend a little bit of time to go through the carnival and touch the Atlantic Ocean.

Women's champion Thomas
5 time champion, Joey Chestnut

Being the fourth of July, once we arrived on campus we washed up and ate before setting out with our RAs to watch the fireworks along the Hudson. Initially we though we were going to not get a good spot to watch the fireworks because we missed our 4 PM RA trip. I was more than happy to find that we were able to fine prime real estate along the Hudson River even though we left at 7PM. It was neat to watch the firework display but I didn't see what was so special about it. I mean, sure we're in New York but I don't feel as if the fireworks were any better than those in the Bay Area. Regardless, it was a pretty sight.
Fireworks on the Hudson

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