Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Taste of NYC

I had a fabulous day out and about in New York City.

It began at 11 AM, when Milani, Eric, Will, Irene and I met up for a quick breakfast. We then met up with my RA Megan on a trip to go to Summerfest, an amazing street fair near Times Square that encompassed more than 10 blocks. I had a lot of fun and it was a wonderful shopping experience.

After the fair we passed by the Empire State Building and then headed down to see Ground Zero but the area was undergoing lots of construction.

We decided to go back to Times Square and went to the movies to watch the Green Lantern. We had dinner at TGI Friday’s and headed back to the dorms.

As our first week at Columbia comes to an end, I have come to an important realization: I cannot go to school in a city. I feel that the urban environment would be far too distracted with all the excitement of the city – especially New York. With all the Broadway show, shops, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc., I would be so tempted to indulge that I it would be a challenge to restrain myself.

I cannot wait for the tour of the United Nations tomorrow!

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