Saturday, July 2, 2011

A very long day.

My first Friday at Columbia was a hit!

We started off the morning by waking up at 5:30 AM to head down to Central Park. There was a free show for Good Morning America Summer Concert Series featuring Beyonce. However when we got there the line was unbelievably long and we couldn't get in. Instead we stood outside and listened to her sing. Even thought we couldn't see her, it was a good opportunity to bond with other classmates that had gone on the trip and the RAs that had joined us. They told us about their college experiences and stories about their lives.

The AM session of class was very interesting to me. We started off by finishing analyzing the Federalist Papers and the Constitution. After that we started to discuss a book we have read called Inventing the Job of the President. In the book there is a chapter about each president and with categories about their emotional intelligence, policies, and how they ran their office. I had never thought to analyze each president based on these different descriptions. I found that the emotional intelligence and the cognitive style (how they ran their office) went hand in hand because how they felt personally created their style of running the government.

The PM session was the greatest day of class so far. I finished my outline by 3 PM and instead of being 5-7 pages it was 13 pages. I handed it in early and was able to do whatever I wanted. Instead of leaving I used the time to research more about my topic. I was surprised at how much information I could find on my topic. I'm not complaining because in the end I'll have enough to bring my paper together to make it be spectacular.

After class I went with an RA trip to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had never been to a museum like this and it was amazing how many exhibits the museum had. I met new people and as a group we went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Alexander McQueen is most well known for being the designer of Lady GaGa's clothes. We also saw photographs and European Art.

We explored the city for a little bit, learned how to catch the bus, and then returned to campus. I came home with a huge headache, maybe because of getting up so early or being overwhelmed during the day. Today I am much better and am excited to go to Summer Fest!

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  1. Milani,

    There's no question that you all are having entirely too good of a time in NYC. This is supposed to be work and work isn't supposed to be fun. Oh well...

    We have some pretty nice museums here in the Bay Area and especially in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose but we just can't compete with a New York City. They have the kind of resources we can't even dream about.

    Every year some of our Columbians write about going to see some superstar at one of the Today Show events and the response seems to be the same every year: too many people and we couldn't get close enough to even see the superstar. At least you tried and you got something out of the experience. Good for you.

    The only thing that might have made this better (without actually seeing Beyonce) is posting some photos of the event (hint, hint). :-)

    I kinda like the idea of you writing a spectacular paper. Sounds so much better than sending you all that way to write a mundane and ordinary paper.