Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lots of Blue

New York University is a peculiar institution. The tour I took was led by 2 current NYU students who happen to be RAs at the Columbia program. Though I knew before going on the tour that NYU, being an extremely urban campus, was not a good fit for me, I still wanted to check it out partly because of my curiosity but also because my best friend loves the school.

My favorite school in NYU is Gallatin, the school of individualized study. One of our tour guides, Nancy, just transferred into the school and really likes it. Many of the majors in the Gallatin school can be a bit unusual. One student graduated with a degree in “Keeping It Real” and another is studying “What does it mean to be human?”

The dorms at NYU are also supposed to be very nice. They are also mostly apartment style and include personal bathrooms.
Washington Square Park is the center of campus. It is a public park and often features street performers.

This is the Bobst library.
This is the Stern Business School.

All the purple areas on the map are NYU buildings (and there are many that are too far away to be on the map). The most surprising part of the tour was realizing how spread out NYU is in the downtown area.

This is Cooper Union, a ultra-selective school that covers all tuition of all enrolling students. The school specializes in only art, architecture and engineering.

This is a building designed by a Cooper Union architecture graduate.

We stopped at a street fair while waiting for the show.
The Blue Man Group is amazing. The show is very unusual and includes a lot of interaction from the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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