Saturday, July 9, 2011

Super Saturday

This weekend started off wonderfully.

In the morning, Eric and I went on an RA trip to see the Harry Potter Exhibit at Times Square. As a HP enthusiast, I can honestly say I loved it. The exhibit included all of the costumes and props from my favorite Harry Potter scenes including Hermione’s time turner necklace, the Golden Snitch and a replica of the hippogriff Buckbeak. Some of the parts of the exhibit were even interactive. The Sorting Hat “sorted” some of the visitors into the different houses of Hogwarts based on their preferences (though no one chose Hufflepuff), allowed guests to pull out a screaming mandrake and play a hoops Quidditch game. The exhibit was fairly crowded as it is New York and it was a Saturday morning.

Later in the evening, I went on an RA trip with the Presidential Powers TA Pavel to a Russian restaurant called Uncle Vanya’s for dinner. The food was delicious and the restaurant was great. This is the second cuisine I have tried in New York City, the first being Cuban.

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  1. Beilul,

    My apologies for these comments even before I write them: I haven't got a clue what you're talking about. Yes, I'm familiar with Harry Potter but aside from being able to spell his name and recognizing him on the posters this is the extent of it.

    I could have you sit down and educate me but after 8 books/movies I'm guessing there's more to it than can be adequately explained over a large coffee.