Friday, July 15, 2011

Closing Night

I'm pretty sure in most shows, once their period of shows ends they have a closing night. I'm no expert. But, that's what today was. The closing night of an amazing show called the 2011 ILC at Columbia University.

It was bittersweet departing from our class. I felt like I had just gotten comfortable and now I'm gone. I was happy to be done with class, done with the readings, done with my paper. However, I wasn't done with the learning experience I got there. I hadn't learned everything I possibly could have from my professor and TA, but I know that I did make the best of it. I feel like the best party of the whole class experience was the motivation and the caring that was given to us by Dr. Z. and Pavel our TA. They were interested so much in each of us as individuals. I was not expecting that and it was hard to say goodbye.

We ended our night by going with Mrs. L. to our last Broadway show. We went to Seaport and rushed our tickets (getting them for discount, but not guaranteed good seats) which I learned from going to see Phantom of the Opera was way more convenient than standing in Times Square for hours for tickets. We saw Billy Elliot and got pretty good middle mezzanine seats. The musical was fantastic! I wanted to get up and start dancing during some of the musical numbers. Now I know why it won 10 Tony awards... It's true; no one can put on a show like NYC!

I packed most of my things last night in fear of pulling an all nighter. It's hard to accept that these three weeks have come and passed, and now it's time to move on and say goodbye. I feel like yesterday I was unpacking all of my things and looking around my dorm saying "how am I supposed to live here for 3 whole weeks???" Well, this chapter is almost at a close, but it has created so many chapters I can chose from. So this is definitely not the end, but only the beginning...

See you tomorrow San Francisco!

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