Friday, July 15, 2011

Tightening the Loose Ends

It's not all that gloomy today. Sure, it's definitely a change to leave New York City and Columbia University. But, I'm excited to come home.

I've gotten a lot done today.

I turned in my paper.

I finished my course and said my goodbyes.

I got one more glimpse at New York with a final Broadway show and Times Square visit.

I did my laundry and packed my bags.

And, I am able to say that I am grateful for having gone through this entire experience.

I'm far from unsatisfied with my time here, and I look forward to carrying such productivity and knowledge back to the West Coast--to California. I look forward to seeing my friends. I look forward to fulfilling some of my other summer commitments, and I look forward to starting some new summer projects. I look forward to relaxing in my own bedroom. And, I look forward to the upcoming school year which, in reality, is not too far from today.

I've had a blast, but there's only some much of an explosion one can handle. I'm ready to reload the cannon, so-to-speak.

Goodnight, Blogspot, and goodnight, New York.

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