Sunday, July 10, 2011


It's a topic I've always thought about, but never talked about, until about an hour ago.

There was an intense discussion in the sixth floor common area. I heard a lot, and I thought a lot, and I talked a lot. It was interesting, and it seems as though my thoughts and words seemed to differ from that of almost everybody else's in the room, initially anyway.

Anyway, I'd like to share some of my musings on the matter here. So, I will!

It amuses me to hear it in popular context. I mean, what people adhere to the definition of perfection, what people tend to define it as, is ridiculous, in part because it doesn't exist. That guy--or girl--who is absolutely the best at everything he or she does and doesn't do does not exist. So, in that ridiculous context of perfection, I firmly disbelieve in such a thing.

But that is not to say that perfection doesn't exist entirely. It's around. It's around more than you, or I, or anyone would imagine, really. And, that's because it's all mental. Our perception is perfection, so-to-speak. What we see vs. what we don't see or do not want to see is the existing context for perfection. I'll elaborate.

Matt, the guy who is the star quarterback of the football team, the guy who dates the top cheerleader, the guy who takes the hardest courses and gets the best grades, the guy who has the most friends and the least enemies, the guy who isn't afraid to give the homeless an extra dollar, the guy who has the most terrific charm and soothing presence, the guy who can out-debate anyone whom so chooses to challenge him, the guy who can can sing, and dance, and act, the guy who can draw, and paint, and sculpt, and craft, and color, the guy who can write, and script, and think critically, the guy who always gets the interview, the guy who always gets passed the interview, the guy who is always at your side when you need a hand, or a shoulder, or a tissue, or a buddie, the guy who does everything first and does it well, the guy who beats you at everything, is fictional. He doesn't exist.

Matt, however, the guy who is the second-string quarterback of the football team, the guy who dates a cheerleader, the guy who takes some challenging courses and has a 3.5 g.p.a., the guy who has a lot of friends and a few enemies, the guy who sometimes isn't willing to share an extra dime for the another on the street, the guy who is calming and attractive to talk to but that sometimes says things he doesn't mean, the guy who can talk well but doesn't win every argument, the guy who can sing in the shower and dance in his room and act in a classroom skit but cannot perform on stage, the guy who can draw and color pretty well, but is terrible at painting, and sculpting, and crafting, the guy who writes decently but could definitely benefit from his English teacher still, and can script, and think critically, the guy who always gets the interview, the guy who doesn't always land the job, the guy who is there for his best friends but not too reliable to those whom he doesn't exactly associate himself with, the guy who does everything second and sometimes is the best at it, is real. He does exist.

It's actually really contradictory to think of perfection as imperfection, but it's definitely more accurate to think of it as such.

So, I guess, perfection, to me, is the ability to see past one's faults and praise one's strengths. And, with such a personal definition, someone will be perfect or imperfect on varying levels, depending on who you are evaluated by.

My point, nonetheless, is that perfection exists, but not in the modern-day sense.

Do I view others as perfect? Definitely. The people closest to me are all perfect in one way or another. Andre is the perfect guy to tell a joke. Jorge is the perfect guy to get involved with an issue. Jaymz is the perfect guy to give you a chance when no one else will. Melvin is the perfect guy to talk to about your worries, problems, and afflictions. Barbie is the perfect girl to uplift your spirit when you can't seem to do it yourself.

Am I viewed as perfect? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on who's viewing me. But, am I perfect in at least one way to at least one person? Definitely, as is everyone else.

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