Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'd like to start off my blog today by looking at some of the accomplishments I've made this far in my trip. Though they may not seem that important, it's not just about the class here, it's about taking that class and also using it to develop you as a person.

#1. Laundry: I put this high on the list because I am very proud that nothing so far (knock on wood) has happened to my clothes while in the process of washing and drying. Yes, everyone can do laundry. But, this is one of the things most people are used to having done for them. So couldn't we call it the first step of independence? I would think so. If I want clean clothes to wear, I have to go down and wash them myself. It's also a part of time management that I never had before. I can get my laundry done in the morning before class or even during lunch when I can juggle properly.

#2. Procrastination: I am no longer a procrastinator, thanks to my professor who was set up a well thought out timeline to get our assignments in. Because she has a dead line for all three assignments I feel pressured to get the homework and paper done and therefore, finish it on time or even early. I feel like this was just the push I needed to separate myself from a regular high school student and a high school student who is willing to go beyond the expectations. Of course, in high school procrastination was my one true love. But, it looks like we'll have to go our separate ways.

#3. Dining hall food: Not many people think that the dining hall can teach you a lesson. I found a way it can. Before I left, I took my family for granted. I took the home cooked meals for granted and being able to wake up and have whatever I wanted to eat. That is not the case here. I have found a new appreciation (even though I've always had one) for my grandmother's cooking. Time management comes in here again because if you don't get up for breakfast, sorry my friend. There's a Starbucks down the street.

#4. The Subway: It's funny that before this trip, I didn't take being on time seriously. I mean, I knew that for certain things I had to not only be on time but early. The subway had definitely changed that attitude. It is really troubling that if I don't make it on time to the train, I have to wait forever to catch the next one. It's really taught me an urgency that I've never had before. This whole city has taught me this... At least I'm always at least 10-15 minutes early to my class everyday!

#5. Single suite room: Being by myself in my own room has made me become more independent. Maybe being dependent may have nothing to do with academics, but how can you really focus on your academics if you're dependent on someone else? If you're always home sick or waiting for someone to be with you 24/7? In order to take this opportunity and really consider going to school on the East Coast, you need to have some sort of independence. I feel that having a room to myself has given me that. Even if it is for only 3 weeks, it has given me the taste of being on my own. And I can confidently say that I believe in myself that I can survive out here.

After giving you 5 things this program in whole has taught me, these aren't the only things that I've noticed. The program still has a week left and there is a lot more that can be said about the amazing things this trip has done for me. I am convinced that Columbia is almost certainly the place to spend the four years or more after graduating from high school.

By the way, today we saw the Blue Man Group. A picture speaks a thousand words, but the one I'd like to start off with is AMAZING, followed by hilarious!

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